I Want

January 9, 2011 | Leave a Comment

If you have given in to the incessant barrage of television, radio, and print commercials, you might be dashing off to the nearest furniture store, car dealership or mega grocery giant to satisfy the wild needs you have for the “I wants.” Somehow unable to live a moment longer without that new leather couch or the $449.00/month lease for the smother-you-in-everything-you-could-possibly-desire luxury car, or the 750 calorie whatsit snack.

Well—-I don’t know. There’s a young man (I say young, because, at my age, almost everyone looks young)–he’s probably in his late 20s–and I see him on his bicycle sometimes early, early on the bitter cold mornings when I’m out on the front porch. The bike is ingeniously hooked to a do-it-yourself trailer with old wheels that look like they came off a baby carriage. What this trailer has in it are huge mounds of dark green garbage bags, all lashed precariously together. And, what’s in these bags are cans and bottles that this young man scavenges as he rummages the nearby neighborhoods in the pre-dawn hours. I suppose he lives off the proceeds from these.

Anyway—-I wonder—how could it be that we have pretty much collectively come to this huge division in the greatest country on earth? No, I’m not suggesting that we should not strive for success, and if you think that, then you’ve had your receiver tuned to the wrong channel since the first word of this post. What I AM saying is that it’s sort of strange that in our wild quest for more, we’ve managed to become so good at ignoring what could be for all of us. Should be for all of us. Not in a Socialistic way. Rather, in a “I care for you” sort of way.

I recall being a kid. Somehow, this whole concept was much more clear then.




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