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Priorities. We all face them. Run here. Run there. Miss a chance to be with someone we love because of another “priority.” We’re so damn smart—-or so we think.

The night my father died, I was with him earlier . The day had been a horror of ambulance trip, emergency room, blurred visits with my family—I was tired, and I walked into his room to tell him that I had to go for the night.

“Goodnight, Dad. I’ll see you in the morning,” I told him. “You don’t understand,” he half-gasped. “I know, Dad, ” I answered, too tired and numb to have the slightest idea of what it was he thought I did not understand.

He died that night with no one from his family with him.

To this day, I do not know what it was that I “did not understand.” And I never will.

So, do your thing, even if it’s to spite someone. Make your by-God statement before all. Show them what’s important to you. Be self-satisfied.

And, when the sun comes up the next day, and you’re sadly so very alone, assess your priorities.



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