They called him “Lupi.” Because he was clumsy and awkward and childlike. Even at 57. They thought he needed to be more “responsible”–less “impulsive”–more “serious.” That he shouldn’t “trust” so much–shouldn’t be so “gentle”–so–”gullible.”  Interesting thing I noticed about Lupi shortly after I met him: he just wanted to be peaceful–understood–kind. I also noticed something that apparently none of the judgers saw: when he was in the presence of animals, they loved him–absolutely loved him–even those stalwart, dangerous ones that trusted almost no one–trusted him, because they knew he loved them–because they could feel his gentleness. Without exception.


I was looking through the Bible just the other day. Seems to me that “Lupi was being pretty much what it said a true believer should be.

Next time you’re tempted to judge someone, please think about Lupi first.

God does.




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