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He worried about his departure. Not from his town or his state—-he worried about his departure from the planet. There was so much that he had said while he was there. And—-there was so much that he had not said. Always wanting to put to words his burning emotions—-and always feeling that he had not […]


When I was much, much younger, I often wondered what it was going to be like to be–say–60–or so. The Christmases came and went in blind succession, and the line “not even a mouse” swerved in and out of them–giggling, it seemed. Not even a mouse. And not a single sparrow that would fall without […]


The Yard Went On Forever

December 6, 2011 | 1 Comment

Courtesy of Mr. Richard Harris from “The Yard Went On Forever”, written by Mr. Jimmy Webb and released in the year of our Lord 1968: “And a man could have a boy, and a boy could have a dog, and there weren’t any subways, and there wasn’t any smog——–and the yard went on forever.” Caustic, […]


A Flash of Light

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A flash of light. He felt it before he saw it. It stung. And—-it was imbued with all the oldies and the explosive emotions that went with them. What was it? Could it have been that he still felt her hand in his? Still remembered the feeling when they drove into the dark night with […]


He Turned His Head

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He turned his head and saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was the past. Somehow, he had come to the point where he could not go on in the present without coupling it to the past. Strange. Did you ever have the feeling that all those you loved who were now […]