He Turned His Head

December 2, 2011 | Leave a Comment

He turned his head and saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was the past. Somehow, he had come to the point where he could not go on in the present without coupling it to the past. Strange. Did you ever have the feeling that all those you loved who were now […]


He Missed Her

November 27, 2011 | Leave a Comment

He missed her. He missed holding her hand.  Both of them saying nothing, but understanding everything. He missed looking into her beautiful brown eyes and feeling her gentleness there. Her softness. Her love. And, he missed her touch. Most of all, he missed her touch. That touch was never supposed to go away. But, it […]


Follow me on this one. “I went to the most amazing restaurant last night. The ambience was delicious. So was the food. ” So what? “I just got my new car. GPS. All the bells and whistles. Great gas mileage.” So what? “We just got back from our cruise. Saw all the sights, docked in […]


It’s an exploding issue: not enough time to do what you need/want to do. And, it’s only going to get worse as we complicate the world more and more. For right now—-this minute—-you might consider putting this one  at the very top of your list: One day a teacher asked her students to list the […]


A Summer Gone

October 25, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Summer’s gone. It slipped away when I was so busy that I did not know it was going.  I would’ve said goodbye. Like so many things we lose, I did not quite que in in time to do the right thing. I would have thanked it for the hazy mornings, the driving with the car […]


A Gentle Thing

October 6, 2011 | Leave a Comment

There’s a little bunny on my front lawn. I think it lives beneath the dense shrub growth between the house and road. It doesn’t say much. I first saw it about three months ago. It was about as big as a teacup. As if I had been talking to this bunny for years, upon seeing […]



August 12, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Pssssssst—come ‘ere. Closer. Closer still. Let you in on a little life-changing secret. Ready? It’s not about the one who dies with the most money and toys. It’s about the one who dies having done the most nice, good, caring things for other people. Got it? Remember.


Wake Up, America

August 11, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Pardon me, but has everyone lost their mind? We have some vagabond credit rating agency that doesn’t seem to be able to call a safe investment if it falls in their lap downgrading the credit rating of the United States of America? And, the markets with their short term profit mongers reacting by screwing all […]


I remember you. You’re the one who made me feel like a real person by focusing on my strong points and holding me up on on my weak ones. Who would never let me quit. Who always struck the line of care right through the center of us whether I was being good or ridiculous. […]



June 23, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Metaphorically, the sunset was appropriate. How the years had flown. Almost mystically, he felt himself driving that old ’53 Pontiac 50 years before at the same time the doc was giving him the bad news in the present. Felt her warmth as he put his arm around her while the two of them rode in […]

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